Education & Community Engagement

Be Kind

Animals in sanctuaries provide a great deal of educational learning for the communities. Sanctuaries provide education by allowing the public to visit with animals in natural settings and gain insights and information about their history. We advocate for kindness towards animals and develop a cohabitant presence of these species on our planet.Visitors are able to hand feed the animals and spend quality time with them during their visits. They can learn the cycle of life where a mother nurtures her baby until it’s grown enough to take care of itself. They can see the parents training their young.

Public awareness/Sanctuary Tours

Goshala is open for public visitation and families interact freely creating the opportunities for them to self reflect through interactions and relationships with our four legged residents. Besides, on selected weekends volunteer-led guided tours are provided with details about the animal’s  journey, their history and their relationship and temperaments.The strong message about caring for animals is shared widely during each visit. Families are encouraged to relate to the animals just like their own family members who need to be fed, cared for and protected from harm’s way.


Community outreach

Celebration of New life on the way- Baby shower!

We also celebrate special events like Baby showers and  Naming ceremonies in conjunction with the goshala to welcome new arrivals. Yes, each farm resident has a given name and they spend their life care free in the safe borders of the sanctuary.

Special events ‘Go Puja’ weekends

We have actively engaged the community in spreading awareness about the goshala sanctuary and the lives of its residents. The goshala is open during weekends for public visitation as well as for special rituals and ceremonies like ‘go puja’ which involves celebrating the life events of farm animals and seeking their love and blessings for human mankind.