About Us


Our humble beginnings

Goshala BJ Animal care rooted its humble beginnings while serving the sick cows at a local goshala(farm animal sanctuary/shelter housing cows) who were battling hunger and disease simultaneously. When Covid had engrossed the world into lock downs, these innocent farm animals were constantly challenged with disease, lacking support, hunger and uncertainty. Goshala BJ Animal Care was incorporated in the peak of the pandemic to support these gentle beings to have a sustained supply of Food & Grains, Veterinary care and Housing needs.

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Where it all started...


Year 2020

Fight with Hunger begins….

Year 2021


Fight with Hypothermia.


Medical area is built to facilitate Veterinary check ups inside the sanctuary.


All sanctuary residents receive their much needed annual vaccinations. Fight with contagious Pink eye spread in the sanctuary.

April- July

Nutritional diets introduced under veterinary guidance.


Expansion of pastures for animal’s optimum physical health & welfare.


Housing repairs in the sanctuary.

Future Goals( 2022 and onwards)

  1. More support for the cows sanctuaries where animals are not exploited for dairy and meat.
  2. Rescue and Rehabilitation. 
  3. Provide sustained supply of Hay & Grains.
  4. Preventive medical care and support with ongoing veterinarians costs to combat diseases in sanctuary.
  5. More activism for animal welfare- Education and Advocacy (community outreach/ workshops/public education).

End animal suffering

Our Mission

At Goshala BJ Animal Care, we strive to create a safe haven for all farm animals in goshala. We provide nutrition, medical support, and affection to them. We hope to save many more farm animals in the future.

Goshala BJ Animal care is a 501 (C) (3) animal welfare nonprofit, charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible (corporate match, cash, vehicle, crypto & securities, etc) Tax Id # 86-1872047