The Sanskrit meaning of `Go” is cows and ‘shala’ means safe sanctuary. In other words, a safe sanctuary for Cattle/Cows.

We serve cows and other farm animals in Goshala’s safe shelters/sanctuaries where they are not exploited for dairy or meat products.

Absolutely! Public education is a big part of the sanctuary. Please contact the farm sanctuary directly for their visiting hours and registration protocols. If you are a goshala BJ animal care volunteer, then you will be able to interact with animals during our special corporate and high school volunteer events.

Goshala BJ animal care is a service organization that provides emergency support for Food, Veterinarian and Housing needs for needy farm animals especially Cattle/Cows. The farm animals are best served in an environment that offers enough space per sqft per animal. We provide for the needy farm sanctuary animals in their comfort environments until the sanctuaries are able to stabilize and mobilize their own resources. We also may provide volunteer service at sanctuaries as needed.

Hay and raw grain (grain only in proportionate amounts) is the healthy nutrition recommended by the veterinarians. Instead of bringing your own treats which may not be ideal for the animals, we emphasize buying the Veterinary recommended hay or grains from onsite hay sheds in the sanctuary to feed the cows or other farm animals. Your purchases at onsite hay stores also helps fundraise with the sustained food supply of these farm sanctuaries.

Please follow safety rules and policies while at the sanctuary. Enjoy the serenity inside the sanctuary by keeping your voices low. Post feeding,  please clean up, take your grocery bags/ baskets, or boxes back with you since there may not be regular garbage/recycle service in the barns where these sanctuaries are facilitated.

Absolutely! Goshala BJ Animal care is IRS approved 501(c)(3) non profit charitable organization with a mission to provide lifetime care to farm animals especially cows.

Please fill up the form given in the Volunteer page under the Adult/High school section  if you are interested. For corporate volunteers, there is a dedicated section for you to reach out to us or submit your volunteer hours. Because of Covid, there might be restrictions on the number of onsite volunteers that can be taken in at a given time, proof of vaccination is required to volunteer onsite for the safety and wellbeing of all.

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