Rescue & Rehabilitation

Rescue & Rehabilitation of ‘spent cows’

Goshala BJ Animal care’s mission is to provide life-long care for cows;

  1. a) living in struggling cow sanctuaries/shelters aka goshalas where they are not exploited for dairy or meat and,
  2. b) by supporting Rescue efforts to prevent cruelty towards ‘spent’ cows and Rehabilitating them in animal sanctuaries; because every life deserves a chance to heal itself and others in the process.

With the onset of 2023, We are aiming to find appropriate sanctuaries/goshalas/ cow shelters as we begin our rescue efforts. An animal once rescued can’t be bred for financial gains. We strive for animal welfare and will plan to provide for basic needs of rescued cows including food, shelter and Vet car

Our volunteer events in rescue sanctuaries will help educate the community about humane animal care practices & promote meaningful interactions between human beings and animals. We are also seeking volunteers to help search goshalas/animal sanctuaries to rehome the rescued cows