Rescue & Rehabilitation

At Goshala BJ Animal Care, we strive to create a safe haven for cows. Our goal is to rescue abused
and mistreated animals. This includes cows that have been abandoned, subjected to cruelty, or are in
immediate danger. Once these cows have been identified, efforts are made to safely rescue them from
their current situation and provide life-long care. This care includes proper nutrition, medical support,
and affection.
Our rescue and rehabilitation efforts consist of the following but not limited to:

Provide a Safe and Comfortable Environment
This is crucial for the rehabilitation of rescued cows. We work together with sanctuaries to place
distressed cows in their care. These sanctuaries, goshalas, and shelters provide access to
appropriate housing, adequate space, clean water, and nutritious food.

Veterinary Care
Rescued cows often require immediate medical attention. We contact a veterinarian to evaluate
and assess their medical needs. All health care includes wellness checks, vaccinations, and
treatments for injuries, or illnesses.

Rescued cows often face malnutrition and are deprived of a proper diet. We focus on a balanced
and nutritious diet. We provide fresh forage, quality hay, and specially formulated feeds to ensure
they regain their strength

Trauma Care
Cows that face severe neglect and living conditions need rehabilitation programs to help recover
physically and emotionally. These programs may include physical therapy, exercise, and mental
stimulation to promote their overall well-being and recover

Maya is a one-year-old calf destined for the slaughterhouse.
She was living in horrific conditions. She was malnourished
and emotionally distraught. After intense therapy and health care, Maya
has been successfully rehabilitated and loving life. She now
resides in a sanctuary in Morgan Hill, California 


Please email us at: if you know of any goshala/animal sanctuary that is willing to give a living/grazing space for slaughter-bound cows/bulls.

Watch her journey from slaughter to safety.

Want to support Maya and others like her?

Artificial Insemination
In beef cattle operations, artificial insemination is another means of breeding the female artificially with frozen male hormones. Our rescue Maya, is a byproduct of artificial insemination. She was born as a twin to a bull calf and considered a freemartin or ‘useless’ for reproduction headed to slaughter.  A freemartin is a female calf born with a male twin. Due to exposure to masculinizing hormones produced by the male in utero, the female calf becomes sterile or nonproductive. Unfortunately, all these unproductive cows end up in slaughter pens.

Source: Freemartin|Vertinery Genetics Laboratory ( 

Humble Appeal!
There are many more waiting for a brutal end. We are actively looking for partnerships with animal sanctuaries in the Bay area CA, to place more slaughter-bound cows/bulls in safe places. Once rescued and placed in a sanctuary living and rehabilitation expenses will be taken care of by Goshala BJ Animal Care.

Please contact us at if you know of any goshala or animal sanctuaries that is willing to provide a new home to rescued cows or bulls.