Rescue & Rehabilitation

Please help Maya receive nutritious hay/ grains/ supplements , Veterinary care and safe housing

Goshala BJ Animal care’s mission is to provide life-long care for cows;

  • Providing a safe and comfortable environment is crucial for the rehabilitation of rescued cows. We work together with sanctuaries to place cows in distress. This can include cows that have been abandoned, subjected to cruelty, or are in immediate danger. Once identified, efforts are made to safely rescue them from their current situation. They may be moved to animal sanctuaries or dedicated shelters where they have access to appropriate housing, adequate space, clean water, and nutritious food. 
  • Veterinary care: Rescued cows often require immediate medical attention. Veterinarians evaluate their health, treat injuries or illnesses, and provide necessary vaccinations.

Rescued cows may have been malnourished or deprived of proper nutrition. They are typically provided with fresh forage, quality hay, and sometimes specially formulated feeds to ensure they regain their strength. Sometimes  cows may need rehabilitation programs to help recover physically and emotionally. These programs may include physical therapy, exercise, and mental stimulation to promote their overall well-being and recovery including life long care. 

Humble Appeal– We are always looking for partnerships with animal sanctuaries in Bay Area CA, to place more slaughter-bound farm animals, especially Cows/bulls in safe places. An animal once rescued and rehabilitated in a safe sanctuary, it’s living expenses will be taken care of by Goshala BJ Animal Care. 


Please email us at: if you know of any goshala/animal sanctuary that is willing to give a living/grazing space for slaughter-bound cows/bulls.

With the onset of 2023, We are aiming to find appropriate sanctuaries/goshalas/ cow shelters as we begin our rescue efforts. An animal once rescued can’t be bred for financial gains. We strive for animal welfare and will plan to provide for basic needs of rescued cows including food, shelter and Vet car

Our volunteer events in rescue sanctuaries will help educate the community about humane animal care practices & promote meaningful interactions between human beings and animals. We are also seeking volunteers to help search goshalas/animal sanctuaries to rehome the rescued cows

Please help Maya receive nutritious hay/ grains/ supplements , Veterinary care and safe housing.

Sharing the rescue journey of a cow saved from slaughter grounds.

Appreciate your support and sharing with networks.