Transparency In Financial Reporting


Goshala BJ Animal Care was founded in 2021 to end farm animal cruelty, suffering, abuse, and neglect, in all forms and across all industries. Our organization is dedicated to animal wellbeing and welfare with help from our partners and supporters. We are committed to our role as a socially, environmentally, and financially responsible organization, and hold ourselves to the highest standards in order to assure our supporters that we are always working on their behalf.

Form 990: Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax

Goshala BJ Animal Care files either a 990 postcard, a 990 EZ or form 990 depending on the donations, with the IRS each year, which includes financial information as well as our activities and support from donors data. We seek to provide transparency and accountability to our donors and supporters. These forms are an excellent snapshot of the fiscal health and budgeting practices of our organization, but if you’d like to discuss any of the areas in detail, please contact us for further discussion.

Tax ID Number

The Goshala BJ Animal Care’s identification number is 86-1872047.

Allocating Donations

In keeping with our commitment to ethical financial responsibility, we are also proud to offer our donors and sponsors information on where their funds have been distributed throughout the year. For potential donors, we are committed to providing an effortless way to find information about the practices, policies, and financial procedures of the association.

By making our financial reports available to the public, we ensure that donors remain confident that funds will never be misappropriated or misused. We are held accountable to our valued donors and supporters each year, and we uphold ourselves to the highest level of integrity and fiduciary responsibility.

Annual Reports

Annual reports are available upon request for the three previous filings. These reports include information on our financial goals and objectives, and a summary of the financial position of the organization. If you’d like to request additional financial or organizational information from prior years, please contact